Surgical & Non-SurgicalOrthodontics in the Coming Post-Retraction World

A 2-Day Live Lecture with William M Hang DDS MSD & Reza Movahedd DMD

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Dear Colleague,   Surgical candidates present with a wide array of signs and symptoms that are often overlooked. The BAD news (if you want to look at it that way) is that many more of your patients are surgical candidates than you probably realize. The GOOD news is that some of the most favorable outcomes I have seen in my practice have been surgical cases. In order to best serve our patients, we must…
  1. Properly diagnose surgical cases.
  2. Understand the difference between routine surgery and a procedure that can optimize facial balance, airway health and TMJ health.
  3. Know how to optimize a case with pre-surgical orthodontics.
  4. Be able to finish a case with psot surgical orthodontics

Surgical and Non-Surgical Orthodontics in the Coming Post-Retraction World.

  This is a unique opportunity to experience an orthodontist and surgeon working hand in hand – case by case.
Dr. Hang discusses..
  1. When more conservative non-surgical orthodontics may be appropriate.
  2. When orthodonitcs & orthognathic surgery may be the best choice for the patient.
  3. Various orthodontic and surgical techniques that are important for optimal airway/tongue space.
  4. Repoening extraction spaces vs surgery.
Dr. Movahed discusses…
  1. The evaluation of surgical OSA patients for maxilla-mandibular surgery.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment planning to optimize facial balance, airway and TMJ health.
  3. Why Cases fail and how to avoid failure.
  4. Imaging and comparative fluid dynamics in evaluating OSA.

Here is what you will learn when you view this lecture:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning to optimize facial balance, airway and TMJ health
  • easy to understand and apply, commonly known (but often ignored) soft tissue critera for balance
  • Why cases fail and how to avoid failure
  • What type of cases can be treated orthodontically (without surgery)
  • What is reopening extraction spaces vs. surgery appropriate
  • Why “saving someone from surgey” may be the worst thing you could do for them
  • What determines when surgery is necessary
  • Why minute changes in tongue space/airway matter… and matter a lot
  • Why most surgical outcomes are poor
  • How to know the difference between good, bad, and great surgical outcomes
  • Why counterclockwise rotation is needed in most surgery cases
  • Why attempting “to make teeth fit on jaws that don’t fit” and THEN referring for surgery is always a bad idea
  • Why both jaws must be dealt with in virtually all surgery cases
  • Why posterior maxillary impaction for treatment of open-bit (Standard of Care) is NEVER a good idea and should NEVER be done
  • The ONE circumstance where removal of bicuspid teeth (NO KIDDING) may be necessary to achieve the best outcome
  • Why three words you may never heard (rest oral posture) are critical for long term success in surgey cases
BIO – William M Hang DDS MSD
Dr. Hang is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Dentistry and the University of Minnesota Orthodontic program. After a short career teaching orthodontics at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Hang practiced orthodontics in a very traditional manner for about seven years before becoming dissatisfied with the faces the traditional orthodontic approach produced. He embarked on a continuing education journey that has not only led to more beautiful faces but improved airways. He has had an interest in orthognathic surgery since his graduate school days and has seen the art and science of surgery progress to the computer assisted treatment planning of today. Even with the most highly sophisticated computers, however, the diagnosis/treatment planning and execution are paramount. Dr. Hang is intimately involved in the diagnosis and treatment planning for his surgery patients and chooses to work only with highly sophisticated surgeons who share his treatment goals of facial balance and open airways. Dr. Hang has spoken to dental groups in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand and to several state and university groups in the U.S. including Harvard University, Stanford University Sleep Center, and the Medical College of Virginia. He has several published articles and appeared on the British equivalent of “Sixty Minutes” on Channel 4 in London
BIO – Reza Movahed DMD
Dr. Reza Movahed received a doctorate in dental medicine from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 2007. His residency in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery was completed at Nova Southeastern University, in which he was exposed to the full scope of the specialty including maxillofacial pathology, dentoalveolar surgery, implant surgery, maxillofacial reconstruction, microvascular surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, and trauma. Following the completion of his residency, he pursued his fellowship in orthognathic and TMJ surgery at Baylor University Medical Center (Dallas, Texas). As of January 2014, Dr. Movahed has joined the Saint Louis University Department of Orthodontics as a clinical assistant professor involved in research, teaching, and overseeing surgical orthodontic cases.
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