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Orthodontic Success in the
Coming Post-Retraction World

How To Re-Open
Extraction Spaces!

Reverse Problems Created By Retraction In The Past

I Don’t Want Patients Flying To My Office Anymore! “Whether you choose to treat these cases yourself or work with someone who wants to, there are plenty of these patients hiding in your practice right now silently begging for help. They contact me by e-mail daily.” – Dr. Bill Hang

Treat ANYONE 10 to 110
Compromising The Airway!

Avoid Orthodontic Problems In The Future

14 Hours of Learning
28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

The Two Videos Below Are Excerpts From
The Program You Will Receive…

Who Should Watch This Streaming Video Series? (If you don’t fit one of the descriptions below, it’s not for you)

Restorative Dentists Who…
  • realize that pretty porcelain may mask serious functional problems
  • have restored people who still require CPAP or an oral appliance to treat their OSA
  • have wondered why their successful cases don’t have scalloped tongues and their failure cases often do
Interdisciplinary Teams Who…
  • understand that no one professional has all the answers and can provide all the solutions
  • understand the foundation of success is helping the patient to breathe and must be established before the hand-piece is used
  • need to know about other modalities that can help them achieve the best for their patients
Orthodontists Who…
  • have looked critically at the faces they are producing and that there might be a better way
  • have followed their patients well past high school and have regretted extraction/retraction
  • have taken TMJ and sleep courses and believe there has to be more they can do to help patients
DDS’s Doing TMJ & Ortho Who..
  • intuitively know their patients need more tongue space/airway and they lack a way to create it
  • have expanded patients but have been disappointed in the lack of symptom relief
  • understand the relationship between the bite and TMJ pain patterns (despite many in the profession saying there is none)

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

“This seminar is not about the never ending extraction/non-extraction debate. It’s about the effects of retraction!!” William M. Hang DDS MSD

Dear Colleague,

Nobody Ordered More Extractions Than I Did!!!
I could have won the award for highest percentage of cases treated with extraction/retraction in the late 1970’s. It was what I was taught to do. I did it well and without question. I thought I knew it all. Whenever Mrs. Jones asked if Susie could be treated without extractions, I hit the play button, “In Susie’s case there’s simply no other way”.

In the early ’80’s I began quietly questioning what I was taught and the impact it had on my patients and their faces. I can still feel the adrenaline rush of embarrassment when my best friend and referral source challenged me about my rigid thinking. He forced me to admit that there were faces attached to those teeth I was straightening!

I went on a CE crusade to find a way to produce better faces without TMJ problems. That quest continues to this day. I have travelled to 50 states and dozens of countries looking for answers. I began to listen – truly listen – to my patients. Kids AND adults. Things began to change. Fewer teeth were hitting the floor. The kids’ faces were improving. Over time, I made the decision to look for reasons – in every case – NOT to extract. And I always found I didn’t have to. However…

Now,what about The Patients Who Have Already Been Retracted?
In 1989, a patient presented to me as suicidal due to chronic pain. She was convinced that the source of the problem was linked to the orthodontic treatment she had as a teenager. Permanent teeth in the upper arch were removed, and the front teeth were retracted. She relentlessly begged me to reverse the treatment for her. To my knowledge, it had never been done before, and I was extremely concerned about trying something without evidence from the refereed literature.

Re-opening Extraction Spaces?!?! They Say It CAN’T Be Done!!!
Among other things, I warned her about possible gingival recession and tooth loss as well as the open-bite I would create and might be forced to close surgically. But, I could not talk her out of being my guinea pig. She begged me to do it. Still reluctant, I talked to her dentist and told him what I was going to do. He smiled at me and said, “You’re crazy!” I agreed that I might be, but asked him if he would restore the case anyway if I was successful. He said he would. I agreed to treat the case.

I Agreed To Try… But How?
I’d been using removable appliances for creating space to avoid removing teeth, so I decided to try using the same approach to open space where teeth had been removed. That big open-bite I was afraid of producing did occur, but I was able to close it non-surgically. To compensate for the advancement in the upper arch, I advanced teeth in the lower arch (MASSIVELY – ABOUT 5 TO 7 MM!) where no teeth had been removed. 26 years later, the patient has no more recession than any other patient her age.

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

Nothing Ventured. Nothing Gained.
Amazingly, it all worked! After the treatment, the pain was gone! She loves the appearance of her fuller lips and is elated to be pain free to this day – 26 years later! (As a side note… the irony of all ironies came after the case was completed when I learned that her husband was an attorney. If I had known that I never would have agreed to treat her.)

Alleviating Pain Is A Payoff. The Teeth Are A Bonus. But.. AIRWAY Is What Really Matters!
The 1980’s were the TMJ decade. The airway is the flipside of the TMJ coin. The 21st Century is when the airway will become king in our profession. AIRWAY-kening University is a teaching institution with a mission of moving dentistry straightforward to the center of healthcare. As dentists, we are the gatekeepers of the airway. But, many of us don’t realize it.

I Want To Help You Do For Your Patients What I’ve Been Able To Do For Mine…
I don’t have all of the answers. But, I have collected some battle scars over the years. They’ve given me the experience to learn that the hidden gold in re-opening extraction spaces can be found in the positive impact it often has on the airway. The rest is just details. At the seminar, I will show you case after case where pain has been alleviated, faces have become more attractive and airways have been protected or improved. I will present some before and after cephs so you can see for yourself what I am talking about.

Re-open Your Extraction Spaces. Mrs. Jones?!?! It CAN’T Be Done!!
They are told by well intentioned dentists and orthodontists all over the world that the treatment they are asking for is impossible. So, they start scouring the internet and eventually land on my web-site . Then, I get the e-mail and usually book a long distance phone consultation with them. Many of these patients are so desperate for help that they then commute to my office by plane from another state OR EVEN ANOTHER COUNTRY to receive this treatment! It tells me that some of the people sitting in your lobby right now need this treatment… whether you know it or not. My guess is that if you knew what questions to ask them (there are about 5 that tell you all you need to know) you could be starting cases Monday morning after attending this event.

44 More Reasons You Should Join Us At This Seminar
On the rest of this page, I walk you through what we covered at the seminar and give you 44 more reasons to purchase the streaming video series. I could have easily listed another 100 bullets for you. If what I’ve written doesn’t convince you, my guess is that nothing will. If you take the time to read through the rest of this page, you’ll get a very clear understanding of exactly how you can & why you should use the knowledge you’ll be gain while watching the streaming video series.


William M. Hang DDS MSD

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

You’ll Learn The Philosophy Behind Everything I Do! (And how I specifically treat my patients…step by step.)

  • How & why retraction makes the face longer and less attractive
    (with examples from the refereed literature and my own experience)
  • Why – in one way or another – most orthodontic treatment is retractive in nature!
  • Why everything in dentistry is related to the airway whether the “experts” want it to be or not…
    (If you don’t believe me, ask someone conversant in heart rate variability)
  • How and why Class II elastics, extraction/retraction, headgear & the so-called “functional appliances” ALL create a headgear effect
  • How the profession accepts a “moderate mid-facial retrusion” as a typical orthodontic outcome
    (Many physicians practicing in the sleep arena already know this and are not happy.)
  • Why TAD’s should never be used to retract!
  • Why alleviating pain is a payoff, the teeth are a bonus and the airway is all that REALLY matters
  • Why balanced faces have a BETTER AIRWAY than faces that are not balanced
  • If tongue space and airway health are related, why? And, how to treat your cases to create more tongue space
  • Why many patients’ TONGUES DO NOT ADAPT TO RETRACTION and how the patient suffers as a result
  • Why the 10 Strong Suggestions – SOME WOULD SAY COMMANDMENTS – of AIRWAY-keningTM Dentistry are essential to success

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

You’ll Learn Diagnostics & Treatment Planning (For re-opening extraction spaces…and MUCH MORE!!!)

Re-opening Pics D.002-139
Re-opening Pics B.001-1315
  • Easy to use diagnostic criteria that are critical to success
  • How to look at faces and predict airway adequacy/inadequacy with a high degree of success
  • Which cases are good for re-opening and which are not
    (every restorative DDS needs to know this even if they are afraid to do ortho!)
  • A common sense approach In TMJ health which makes sense
    (NOT the same boring lecture that you’ve heard 1000 times and you don’t believe anyway, and the lecturer didn’t either!)
  • Why compromising your principles to accommodate patient wishes may harm your sleep
  • What to do when the ENTIRE MANDIBLE IS BACK because the patient has been retracted, has no chin and either has confirmed or suspected sleep apnea….there is a solution!
  • How to treat the cause of the problem instead of using the appliance of the week to chase symptoms and maybe create more problems!
  • Why ADVANCING TEETH in the jaws (even minutely) may solve your problem and why big advancements will not cause the sky to fall in as you were taught it would (I’ll give you articles from the refereed literature to help calm your nerves about this.)
  • Why a sleep study without an OSA diagnosis is not necessarily a sign of good airway health
  • Why UARS can be every bit as bad for a patient as OSA
  • The intimate relationship of tongue tie and clenching….and how the clenching machine can be turned off (This tidbit alone is worth the price of admission!)
  • Why many four bicuspid extraction treatments can ENTRAP THE MANDIBLE
    (PhD from MIT in Quantum Physics not required)

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

You’ll Learn How To Re-Open Extraction Spaces (The video below shows the process happening in 60 seconds)

Orthodontic Success In the Coming Post-Retraction World (The Seminar You Have Been Asking For Is Now Available in STREAMING VIDEO)

Re-opening Extraction Spaces Non- Surgically

  • A “Paint by Numbers” re-opening protocol that works
  • How to get cases started with removable appliance design, construction, and activation…have the spaces between the teeth completely open in two office visits
  • How to keep the space you created open with the removable appliance while moving the roots apart with braces to facilitate implants (creative bracketing and creative space maintenance) THIS IS HUGE
  • How the mandible may come forward massively in the process and minimize opening of spaces
    (How some four bicuspid extraction cases can be reversed by opening ONLY in the maxilla and not leave an overjet))
  • How to create “smiles complete to the corners of the mouth” without expanders
  • How to treat a woman who records “talking books” for a living and not have her miss a day at work as you re-open her spaces
  • How creating a 5-7 MM anterior open-bite in the process may be fine or make you regret you ever started (and how to prevent the latter)
  • Why you will almost always have 7MM of space in the upper (bicuspid width), but frequently only 3-4 in the lower when you finish
    (unless you like producing an underbite for English bulldog owners)
  • Why tomograms may help you predict spontaneous forward movement of the mandible in some cases, but why you may get it even if the condyles are NOT distalized….and why you cannot predict it
  • Why happy patients must be your partners in the process and why you should always expect the unexpected
  • The classic signs of a problem patient you will wish you never treated (ask me how I know!)
  • How to re-open four extraction spaces in 8 office visits (for those who fly to you for treatment)
  • How you can complete a full case in 363 days if you and your patient are playing your best game, (and how you can treat almost any case in 18 months if you know what you are doing)
  • How to CONTROL TOOTH ROTATIONS and prevent many unwanted tooth movements which can be inherent in re-opening spaces
  • The symptom patterns which may be eliminated in the process that you never suspected might be related
  • Why re-opening is technically the hardest thing you may ever do… but the most rewarding

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

Both Patients Below Were Told They Needed Extractions. (These are non-extraction results!)

Re-opening Pics B.003-144
Re-opening Pics B.004-146

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents

You’ll Also Learn…

  • How to use non-extraction techniques to treat the patient who has been told that extractions are absolutely necessary….and do it in a way that makes parents happy and does not create recession.
    (if you care about the face and the airway) and how to time proper treatment of this problem
  • How to reduce some Class II overjets non-surgically without retraction and INCREASE the airway in the process (really!)
  • Why orthognathic surgery may be the only solution to the problem your patient faces and why compromise may be the worst thing you can do for him/her and you.
  • How to UNDERSTAND THE BASICS of orthognathic surgery and prepare a case for surgery

Here’s What You Get

  • After you purchase the program, you will be sent a Username, Password and link to the streaming video page.
  • On the streaming video page, you will see all 28 half hour segments.
  • Simply click on a segment to watch the program.
  • The video is streamed through VIMEO – the most reliable streaming service in the world. You can watch anytime, anywhere on any internet connected device.
  • Each segment comes with a detailed table of contents for easy navigation.

28 Half-Hour Segments of Streaming Video
Each Segment With Its Own Detailed Table of Contents