Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Reopening extraction spaces
  • How to look at faces and predict airway adequacy/inadequacy with a high degree of success
  • A common sense approach to TMJ health that makes sense
  • What to do when the entire mandible is back because the patient has been retracted, has no chin and either has confirmed or suspected OSA
  • Why ADVANCING THE TEETH on the jaws even minutely may solve your problem and why big advancements will not cause the sky to fall as you were taught it would
  • Why a sleep study without an OSA diagnosis is not necessarily a sign of good airway health
  • Why UARS can be every bit as bad for the patient as OSA
  • The intimate relationship between tongue ties & clenching
  • Why many bicuspid extraction treatments can ENTRAP THE MANDIBLE
  • How to reduce some Class II overjets non-surgically without retraction and INCREASE THE AIRWAY in the process
  • Much more!!!
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